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Price: $30 — $3450
  • 7,200.00

    Discover this rich and diverse drink, making your home your own watering hole.

    The same gin cart will fill you, and now with Hendrick’s Gin bottle and a limited edition candle in a tea cup.

    What’s in the box?
    (1) 700ml Hendricks Gin
    (1) Limited edition Hendricks scented candle
    (1) Spice organizer
    10 kinds of spices:
    o Fennel Seeds
    o Juniper Berries
    o Rosemary
    o Star Anise
    o Cinnamon Sticks
    o Pink Peppercorn
    o Cardamom Seeds
    o Cumin
    o Black Pepper
    o Coriander Seeds
    (1) Set hand-arranged dried flowers by Gideon Hermosa
    (1) Care Card
    (1) Note Card


  • 7,500.00

    Inspired by delightful afternoons within the British realm, we give you the newest addition to our tea set collection, Cambridge.

    Finally here to excite the Lords & Ladies you share a cup of tea with. A set fit for Royalty, indeed.

    What’s in the box:

    • 6 tea cups
    • 1 tea pot
    • 1 tray
    • hand-arranged dried flowers by Gideon Hermosa
    • note card & ribbon
  • 4,950.00

    Love cheese any time of the day.

    Tickle your taste buds with this marble cheese platter with gold cheese knives set.

    What’s in the box:

    (1) Marble tray

    4-piece cheese knives set

    (1) set of hand-arranged dried flowers by Gideon Hermosa

    (1) note card

    (1) care card

  • 8,500.00


    Thinking of hosting an Indian-themed feast?

    Highlight the spicy, rich and flavorful elements of your next party with this opulent food risers designed with intricate, metal base and mirror surface.

    Elevate your dining set-up with Jaipur.

  • 3,900.00

    You can finally put all eggs in one basket!

    Adorn your kitchen with our delightful decorative egg basket. It comes with 6 egg holders matched with a gold rose egg whisk.

    What’s in the box:
    (1) egg basket with ceramic lid
    (6) egg holders
    (1) rose gold egg whisk
    (1) set of hand-arranged #Gideonized dried flowers
    (1) care card
    (1) note card

  • 8,800.00

    Oxford Premium English Tea Set

    Paying homage to our love for timeless pieces, our newest tea set exudes of class and elegance bringing so much feels from the 17th century.

    Brew and enjoy your Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea in our Oxford Set – the newest in Grae Manila’s growing collection.

    What’s in the box:

    (1) Tea Pot

    (6) Tea Cups

    (1) Milk Jug

    (1) Sugar Caddy

    (1) Tea Set Tray

    Signature Grae Manila box

    Personalized Note Card

    Care Card

    Hand-arranged dried flowers by Gideon Hermosa


  • 5,800.00

    Cheese, nuts and other tidbits? Choose a serving board that can carry it all in one go!

    Enjoy your wine nights with this Acacia wood cheese board with hidden knife set drawer.

    Personalize it with an engraving right on the serving board itself!

    What’s in the box:

    (1) Wooden serving board
    (1) 4-piece Cheese knives set
    *Narrow plane knife
    *Cheese fork
    *Flat chisel cheese knife
    *Small spade
    (3) Ceramic bowls
    (1) set of hand-arranged #Gideonized dried flowers
    (1) care card
    (1) note card

  • 4,650.00

    Make your own home gatherings intimate and more special.

    An impeccable table setting starts with these 6 gold round placemats with 6 table napkins in cream and 6 table napkin rings with beautiful faux flowers with a #Gideonized table centerpiece.

    (6) pcs. gold round placemats

    (6) table napkins

    (6) napkin rings with faux flowers

    (1) set of hand-arranged dried flowers by Gideon Hermosa

    (1) note card

    (1) care card